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7 Unique Side Hustles To Make $5k a Month in 2021

7 Unique Side Hustles To Month $5k A in 2021

2020 has been a tough year for a lot of people due to the pandemic. Thousands of people lost their jobs, or simply lost the means to make money that they were utilizing at that time. Despite that, people will obviously never stop trying and keep looking for new ways to make money.

Keeping that in, here are 7 Unique Side Hustles for 2021 which can help you make a good amount of money in a new year filled with hope.

1. Stock Market

Stock Markets have always been a great side hustle, and if you weren’t privy to the idea till now, you now have the chance to do so. You will need to more about investing money and constantly read and understand the market, to get better at earning profit. You can try to invest in individual stocks through the help of brokerages, though it will still heavily depend on your own decision-making regarding what you invest in and what will rise up in the market later on. Another way of doing things is to take the help of micro-investing apps like Acorn or Stash which allow you to invest sums as low as $5, apart from which, they will take care of the day to day managing of stocks for you. This is particularly helpful for people who don’t really have much money to spare for investing in the stock market. Though the first step towards all of this is learning to understand the market and investing money, which only improves through practice and practical experience.

Goes to say without saying, but at the most, the money you can gain from the stock market is too good to even for a person earning above the average yearly household income, whatever amount it is in your country.

Pros :

  • If you play your cards right and invest in a company’s shares carefully, the rewards that you reap might be significantly more than any side hustle will ever give you. Though this will obviously take a lot of time to learn and there’s the possibility of taking heavy losses too, so it all depends on you and your guts, and what it is that you are willing to put at stake.
  • Anyone can do it. You don’t need a particular degree or to take a proficiency test or great educational background, stuff which is out of the control of lots of people, to get into the stock market and invest in it. What you need is experience and a sharp market-oriented mind.

2. Amazon affiliate links

This is a tried and tested method which is comparatively easy to do than the stuff we mentioned in point 1. Your job is basically to earn commission through referrals. That is, if someone buys a product from Amazon through the link that you provided, you get some commission from Amazon. The key to do this is to have a good enough following with a fanbase that cares about your opinion, be it through a blog, YouTube channel, or platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They should be people who like you and whatever content you put out, which will lead to them caring about your opinion. Then you advertise the products which you think will benefit your followers in some way so that there’s a decent chance of them buying them through the link you provide. In this way, you are not really doing your audience a favor, but also getting money for doing them a favor. The real difficulty here is getting a good enough following, which will be difficult if you don’t have a good grasp of how social media and advertising on it properly works.

It depends on how many customers you manage to bring to Amazon, but some popular influencers tend to make $10,000 only through affiliate money. Now that’s some serious money that you can’t ignore.

Pros :

  • Amazon is a very reliable partner. Unlike the stock market where along with the chance of earning huge profits, there’s also the chance of losing a lot of money, Amazon is like a big brother to you who constantly pats you on the back for the good work you do but doesn’t whip you into oblivion if you don’t manage to perform well. It is a big brand and you can expect it to support its partners, even if they are affiliates, with good care.
  • Amazon never forgets you or what you did. Like if you managed to bring someone to a product’s selling page through your affiliate link and if they don’t buy the stuff, Amazon will make sure to keep sending them emails so that they don’t forget about the product they just looked at. And out of all the times they do it, there’s at least some rate of conversion, as in people who end up buying the product, for which you will get the commission.

3. Affiliate marketing (Advertising Physical or Digital Products on Social Media

This is very much in vein with the amazon affiliate link part, except that here you don’t necessarily advertise for products from Amazon. As the name obviously suggests, advertising through social media involves marketing products online on the different social media platforms available like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever alternative that’s popular in your country. If you have a good amount of following, you are most likely to get approached by companies or ventures who are looking for people to advertise their products, in return for advertising fees. As it should be obvious, yes your following needs to be trusting of you, since if you do manage to get good referrals for the products you are advertising, your prospects of getting more and better-paying advertisements in the future increases, while the opposite of it could slowly fizzle that out or may just let it stagnate. So make sure to accept deals for advertisements that you feel caters to your specific audience, instead of grabbing just any deal without thinking twice about it. It might feel good for once but isn’t too good in the long run.

Very similar to the last point, the key is your following and their loyalty, and your own attempts at advertising something that you think is useful for them. And with a good enough following, you will get a constant influx of these brands, which will make even an amount like $5k a month, inside your reach.

Pros :

  • If you manage to advertise products that are exactly what your customers need, which is actually what you need to do in the first place, then there’s a good possibility of your followers trusting you more than before.
  • Trust and loyalty is very important in this field, and an increase in trust will only lead to better results for the stuff you advertise, which in turn will bring more and more such opportunities to your table.
  • It’s very flexible. You can almost always try to set your own rates which most brands will have to agree to one way or the other, as long as they are reasonable. Don’t try to grow outside your boots and always be mindful of the implications that an action as simple as setting your own prices might do

3. Social Media Marketing

This involves handling the marketing for a company on social media. To do this effectively, you need to have a firm grasp on social media and the mentality of the users on each platform and that of the users that you are trying to cater to. You might need to handle the website of the specific company, handle their Twitter handle to improve their social media presence, email marketing by sending the visitors of the website regular emails to make them at least keep you in mind, and ideally make them interested in whatever stuff you are trying to advertise through those emails on a regular basis. It is a very careful and diligent process where you are the one who shapes that particular company’s brand image on the internet and putting that into use through the marketing that you do on these social media platforms. In some cases a company might not even have a proper website, so you might need to build it for them, or at least upgrade it to make it somewhat presentable. Other than this, you can even handle the account of a social media influencer with a good following and keep interacting with their audience through those accounts. These people tend to pay as much as at least 1000 dollars a month for doing this because as it should be obvious by now, clout on social media is a big thing. So you’d better have a good grasp of social media and try to learn about building and designing a website because that might be helpful too and increases your value.

Social media marketing is one of the highest paying side hustles on this list, and with a consistent flow of customers and work, the income is no less than what you’d earn from a standard desk job.

Pros :

  • The pay is very consistent. The businesses that will ask you to market their business for them are normally not hesitant to a normal yearly package that a social media marketer demands, as long as you provide them with good dividends.
  • Side hustles are called side hustles for a good reason because you normally don’t expect to earn consistent income through it. That’s why this point of a possibly consistent income stands out even more.
  • You earn the trust of these businesses, which in return might even help you get connected to other possible businesses and help them with social media marketing too.

5. Deliver Food

Food delivery is another service that has made its way into being one of the most popular side hustles in recent times. Maybe like a decade or so back, delivering pizza was the only kind of food delivery available, and let’s be honest, there are only so many pizza delivery people needed to do the job. But in recent years we have seen the rise of food delivery apps like Uber eats and Swiggy, which you for delivering food to the people that order food through their respective apps. If your service is good enough, you might even end up getting a tip from the customers you are delivering the food to. Customer’s rating of you also matters in this business, so your behavior towards them is also a key factor. If you happen to live in a place where food delivery platforms like these aren’t really commonplace, you can vouch to do that yourself by approaching the restaurants in your area and trying to negotiate with them. People are also more likely to order from restaurants the more convenient it gets, so it’s a good deal for both sides. Make sure to advertise yourself well so that other possible restaurants hear about you too. If you have a bike with you which you don’t really use much, this might be the perfect opportunity to use it instead of just letting it stand there in the garage. The standard rates plus additional tips you might possibly get make this a good side hustle to engage yourself in.

If you manage to take good advantage of the busy hours, along with good behavior which might possibly lead to you getting a good amount of tips from the customers, the dream of buying a PlayStation 5 simply by the money earned through a side hustle is no joke.

Pros :

  • Flexible timing. Time is a very important factor in a side hustle, and whether you do a certain job or not and how much you do of it is largely dependent on how much time you can spare for it. In this matter, the flexible timing in food delivery jobs helps a lot, as you can choose to deliver the item according to whenever you have the time to do so. You might even try to especially push for busy hours as your primary working hours to have a higher chance of getting more tips by the customers.
  • You don’t have to wait too long to get your pay. Even without the pay, there’s a chance of earning money through the tips the customers give you. As for the actual pay, most of the time you get paid on the spot, which is great particularly for people who are constantly short of money and want to earn some quick cash.

6. Video Editing

Video editing is a skill that’s in hot demand right now. In fact, some people are even willing to pay enough money that equals or more than equals the money earned in a full-time job, depending on how big the person you are editing for is. Now video editing is not just highly in demand among YouTubers, but also among other ventures where a well-edited video is a necessity. For instance, like a business needing to show a video presentation in an important meeting, and making full use of the potential of video editing to make the video more enticing and get their point across as well as possible. The people in charge of the said presentation in most cases aren’t really that good at editing it, nor do they try to edit it in a particularly good manner. But those that do care about that, realize just how important editing skills in the presentation of any video, a business presentation video being just one of them. These people tend to pay a good amount for editing their videos, and as you know, it’s not like meetings are a scarcity in the corporate sector. Such meetings tends to take place all the time and it is such a ripe market for people with video editing skills to dive into. Even if you gain the trust of just one person, the connections will make you known to a lot of people. And this connection thing isn’t just related to business presentations but is largely true for YouTube too. Aside from these, lots of people tend to hire video editors to edit stuff like marriage videos, or perhaps family videos and such. The first step though is to develop the skills necessary, and then have people know them about that by advertising it well. Depending on how many videos you edit and who you edit them for, you might even earn as much as $5k minimum in a month, which is a lot more than the average monthly salary in the majority of the countries in the world, and almost too good for a side hustle. One problem that you might face is that video editing is pretty demanding for a computer due to the rendering stuff, so you might have to invest in a better PC with a stronger processor and better graphics card if you don’t already have one.

Video editing is in very high demand nowadays and some influencers are even willing to pay amounts as much as $10k from your services, which let me remind you, probably won’t be the only customer you get if your work is good enough.

Pros :

  • Very versatile job. Like there’s no specific field that you will only do the work for. A lot of people from different spheres of life might be in need of a good video editor for reasons other than commercial, like marriage videos as we already mentioned above. So even if you don’t get opportunities from a certain group, it’s not like your chances are completely dead.
  • Word of mouth flows very quickly. Since you work for a variety of people, your name tends to spread through a large number of people, especially if you do good work. This is a huge plus in terms of marketing and will help you in getting more deals in the future.

7. Offer your services through Fiverr :

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance marketing. How it works is that you as a freelancer are supposed to offer your services, which on Fiverr, is called a Gig. These services can be anything, from content writing to graphic design, to even voice acting for small ads, or commission for your artwork. You offer whatever gig you want to do and set a price for it. Originally the gigs on Fiverr were priced at $5, but now they allow the freelancers to set their service rates, depending on the work they will be asked to do.  The buyers will look at these job postings and hire freelancers according to their choice, though the payments are done in advance. The good thing about Fiverr is that it doesn’t take much effort and expertise to make money in the very beginning, just take a skill you are good at and offer your services. Of course, having good reviews and word of mouth is a good thing on freelancing websites, and Fiverr is no exception to that. This will draw a lot of attention to you compared to just posting a gig offer, and the more work you get, the more money you will make. Just make sure to have a Paypal account, as it will come in very handy since not all the customers that you get will be from your country or city, so Paypal will make things easier in case you have an international client. The first and foremost step though is to have something that you are very skilled at, where you can offer your services in exchange for getting paid. Being diligent with the work you get is the key to success here. Though initially, it might take some time to get some work, so you might be compelled to offer your services at a lower price to have better chances of getting a buyer.

Fiverr is a hub for people looking to earn serious money through the application of their skills, and with proper connections and enough customers, you might even end up getting that much. So much so that the title of $5k from this article might no longer be a dream.

Pros :

  • The sheer variety that you get to experience on Fiverr is immense. There are people selling all kinds of skills and you would be surprised at the buyers that some of these seemingly rare skills tend to get.
  • The word of mouth on Fiverr spreads quickly and in many forms, such as the ratings you get from a buyer for your service, which decides how much exposure to potential new buyers you will get.
  • This means if you do good work, it won’t ever go to void, and your hard work will reap your fruits in some form if you hang on for long enough. It’s more of a matter of perseverance, as getting started is always the most difficult part of it.
  • Depending on the nature of your skill, you might even get proposals outside of Fiverr, which just goes to show the usefulness of honing a skill and Fiverr as a platform that pushed you towards these opportunities.


Even if 2020 was a bad year in general, it doesn’t mean that this to continue while heading towards 2021. That’s the primary message we wanted to give you through this article. There is always some opportunity to make money, and all of the options we discussed here are here in the first place for that very reason. Be it new up and coming stuff like video editing, or your good old stock market, there’s a number of things that you can do as side hustles, or maybe even as emergency jobs, in case you were unfortunate to lose one in 2020. Hope is all we strive for, and we hopefully did spread some of that positivity to give you all a mental head-start before the beginning of a new year at the very least. Thanks for reading!

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