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35 Legit Online Jobs That Pay $65,000+

35 Legit Online Jobs That Pay $65,000+

The majority of the population today has been interested in searching for a job that allows them to work online. This grants them the advantage of traveling and being around the world and at the same time keeping some time for their work to complete with the facility of the internet. This results in a secure income and also cuts down on traditional expenses such as frequent laundry, commuting, and much more. Moreover, online jobs provide freedom for flexibility to work as per favorable hours and one can get to spend more time with family.

The best part is that we have compiled a list for making your search for desirable work easy along with the average pay that these jobs have the potential to reward for your efforts!

1. Blogging

  • Quick Summary: Grab the opportunity of minting money by starting a blog of your choice.
  • Average Pay: $20,000+ per month as per the age and footfall on the blog.
  • Pros: The topic of the blog can be chosen as per one’s interest and there lies no deadline in posting another article.
  • Cons: Bringing footfall by using correct SEO words can sometimes be difficult for a blogger.

If you have always loved penning down your thoughts and ideas and feel that you have a command over your language then blogging is your next best friend who will bring in money due to articles, ads, and various sponsored posts uploaded on the blog.

2. Testing and Evaluating Websites

  • Quick Summary: Testing websites that are running live on various browsers and finding a bug on them.
  • Average Pay: $10,000+ per month.
  • Pros: Website testing needs a one-time investment to buy testing software.
  • Cons: Usually a website tester only earns from small businesses which many times pay minimally.

If you have been an IT engineer, you can easily work online by sitting at home by finding bugs on live websites and submitting the same to the company. These companies in return pay a huge sum as a reward.

3. Data Entry

  • Quick Summary: Earn on every word you punch in.
  • Average Pay: $10 – $15 an hour.
  • Pros: No degree required.
  • Cons: Growth in pay per hour is limited.

If you don’t have a degree or experience but know how to use a computer, take up a data entry job which only requires an internet connection and a computer as an investment. Every client provides information on which you only need to punch in the required and make money out of it.

4.   Proofreading

  • Quick Summary: Make money by proofreading books, academic papers, website content, audio transcripts, etc.
  • Average Pay: $18 per hour.
  • Pros: With no certification requirements as one only needs command over grammar and language as a prerequisite.
  • Cons: Limited upside if you plan to only stick with it rather than expanding.

If you can find a typo or a grammatical error in any given language, proofreading for content writers will fetch you from your dream job sitting at home. The best part about the job is that it allows the flexibility of hours. The work can be taken in any language as proof-readers are highly required for native text.

5. Content Creator

  • Quick Summary: Create content, upload it on the internet, and make money with every increase in the number of views.
  • Average Pay: $20,000 – $50,000 a month.
  • Pros: One just needs social media to account to upload content.
  • Cons: Getting followers, in the beginning, is difficult.

Create content about any and everything you like and post it on your social media site. If your viewers follow you back and live everything you post, you will become the highest influencer in the industry. This way companies will contact you to promote their products and you will mint money unlike anyone else.  The higher you reach people over the world, the more you can charge the companies to pay you per post.

6. Insurance Agent

  • Quick Summary: Sell insurance policies online by taking an agency.
  • Average Pay: $15,000 – $40,000 a month.
  • Pros: Insurance is a requirement of every human today and hence getting a customer is quick.
  • Cons: Training about knowing new products in the market on insurance becomes an everyday study.

Take up a course on Insurance and sell policies online. This brings in plenty of commission income as the industry works more on word of mouth basis. Also, everyone needs to purchase insurance as it has become mandatory by the government. Hence getting clients is easy.

7. Graphic Designer

  • Quick Summary: Design for companies and earn money online.
  • Average Pay: $25,000 per month.
  • Pros: The increment based on the talent of a graphic designer is incredible.
  • Cons: Investment for best graphic designing software is heavy for beginners.

Designing logos, invitation cards, business cards, websites, etc. have been in demand and can be easily done online if you are a pro in graphic designing. The better attractive designs you prepare, the higher will be your worth and therefore bring in clients. One only requires initial knowledge about the field and slowly can increase learning by watching free videos online. 

8. Online event organizer

  • Quick Summary: Organise events online and take house a heavy cheque
  • Average Pay: $20,000-$30,000 per month.
  • Pros: Easy work as once a process is understood, organizing other events is a cakewalk.
  • Cons: Requires heavy investment and the best internet connectivity.

As the world is coming closer, online events have been in trend. Make the most out of it if you have graduated in event management. Moreover, a basic understanding of every site is the only prerequisite and hence the jobs are mostly a cakewalk and also entertaining quite many times while the fun events.  

9. Virtual Assistant

  • Quick Summary: Become a virtual assistant for professionals and keep everything up-to-date.
  • Average Pay: $15 – $25 an hour
  • Pros: No degree is required to initially start with the job.
  • Cons: Requires fixed hours dedication even though it’s an online job.

Answer emails, schedule the day, and organize an individual and make money at the same time by being a virtual assistant. You may also apply for a job for any individual staying anywhere in the world and remind them about their daily schedules while you fill your pockets on an hourly basis.

10. Virtual Financial Consultant

  • Quick Summary: Consult clients to grow their money by maintaining their portfolios.
  • Average Pay: $50,000 a month.
  • Pros: Financial consultants earn huge when the assets under management grow as per their portfolios.
  • Cons: Requires a degree in Finance.

If you are good with numbers and know where to invest which can lead to earning higher interest, become a virtual financial consultant. Everyone works hard to make money. Teach them how their hard-earned money can make more money by investing in the right products. 

11. Travel Agent

  • Quick Summary: Book tickets and hotels and earn an easy commission.
  • Average Pay: $30,000 a month.
  • Pros: No prior degree or experience is required.
  • Cons: Cancellations can sometimes be a headache.

Books travel tickets for people to earn commission on every booking. Not everyone is capable of doing their bookings and need guides to help them understand new places and hotels where they can live. Travel Agents earn a huge sum on every stay by their clients. 

12. Virtual Yoga Instructor

  • Quick Summary: Earn money by teaching yoga.
  • Average Pay: $30 – $40 per session for a class of 5-8 people
  • Pros: One can earn huge by teaching many students in one session.
  • Cons: Sessions have fixed timings and poor internet can cause hurdles.

Providing yoga sessions online to people from all over the world and fetch you a good income if you are a pro yoga instructor. Mostly the lectures are conducted in the morning and evening and hence you can even consider doing this as a part-time job.

13. Teacher

  • Quick Summary: Teach on your favorite subject online.
  • Average Pay: $20 an hour
  • Pros: Can connect to students all over the world.
  • Cons: Limited teaching methods

If you think that you have mastered a subject, take up online teaching to educate a mass all over the world. As the students now have the liberty from many colleges to study from their hometown, there has been a rise in demand for teachers who can teach online.

14. Website Designer

  • Quick Summary: Design websites for companies online.
  • Average Pay: $18 per hour.
  • Pros: The work only requires a computer and high-quality web design software.
  • Cons: Regular updating of knowledge in the field sometimes becomes a task.

Every company needs a website to expand its business nationally and also internationally. If you know how to make one from scratch along with coding and other related things, become a website designer as it has tremendous opportunities. Websites also need maintenance and hence you can even earn a steady income by maintaining the website you built for your clients. 

15. Astrologer

  • Quick Summary: Read horoscopes for people.
  • Average Pay: $15 per horoscope.
  • Pros: Every horoscope teaches something new.
  • Cons: Prediction needs accuracy or else people would not trust ever again.

If you know about astrology, read horoscopes for people all over the world as everyone is interested in their future and often need guidance to choose a specific opportunity or not. People who have been suffering due to some of the other issues also need an astrologer to provide guidance.

16. Content Writer

  • Quick Summary: Deliver excellent writings on given topics
  • Average Pay: $17 an hour
  • Pros: Work hours can be flexible
  • Cons: Research often takes away more time.

If you can write anything under the Sun, take up content writing for living to earn money on every word you deliver. All you need is a quick typing speed along with the flow of thoughts that you can pen down on various subjects.

17. Relationship Expert

  • Quick Summary: Guide people to maintain a healthy relationship.
  • Average Pay: $22 an hour
  • Pros: No certification is required.
  • Cons: Clients can sometimes not do what you ask and mess the entire relationship.

If you know how to deal and keep good relationships, start your expert sessions. Mostly everyone goes through a terrible time at least twice in a year on average in their relationship. During those times, they truly require a piece of expert advice to protect their relationship and get out of a problem. This profession can help you do good deeds and at the same time help make your living. 

18. Education counselor

  • Quick Summary: Help people choose the right career for themselves.
  • Average Pay: $15 an hour.
  • Pros: The demand for this profession has always seen an uptrend.
  • Cons: The counseling sessions can at times cause stress.

If you are aware of all the possibilities a student can pick after their school, become an online education counselor in your country. You just need to know about every course your country provides and the opportunities after completion of the course.

19. Assignment Writer

  • Quick Summary: Write assignments for students.
  • Average Pay: $17.5 an hour
  • Pros: Assignments as repetitive and hence you just need to change your language for the next assignment.
  • Cons: Limited time available for submissions.

Complete assignments for students to submit to their university before the due date. These days the assignments have increased and students are unable to submit them on time. This makes them ask for outside help. Grab the opportunity when the iron is hot.

20. General Freelancer

  • Quick Summary: Freelance for any given thing by clients.
  • Average Pay: $15 an hour
  • Pros: The variety of work keeps oneself high on learning.
  • Cons: Deadlines usually are small.

Freelance for meeting deadlines under any field to mint money as these jobs always have high demands. People generally need someone at the last moment to help them meet a specific deadline. These are the opportunities that you can grab and make a good sum on an hourly basis.

21. Trader

  • Quick Summary: Become an intraday trader
  • Average Pay: $25,000 a month
  • Pros: Investment for long can give higher returns.
  • Cons: One needs to stay alert about everything happening in the world.

If you know about share market trading, earn money by investing in stocks online. Investing can further have more areas to explore such as options trading, commodity trading, delivery base trading, etc. Money can also be borrowed and invested to earn higher returns than the interest on borrowing. 

22. Legal Drafter

  • Quick Summary: Draft legal documents online.
  • Average Pay: $20 an hour
  • Pros: You can rest assured clients that their contract is legally enforceable.
  • Cons: Prior experience in the field is a must.

Draft regular contracts for businesses online if you have expert knowledge about legal drafting. Every draft which you prepare will fetch you extra income and if your work is liked by a company, they will hire you as a permanent drafter of any legal affair.

23. Online Seller

  • Quick Summary: Sell on eBay or Amazon to earn commission income.
  • Average Pay: $20,000 a month.
  • Pros: One can choose to sell any and everything.
  • Cons: Regular keeping of track would involve hiring more people and hence sharing commission.

Sell products online buying from different websites and earn easy commission on every sale. All you need to do is to make a business account with online sellers and list products which you can sell. The companies will come to your doorstep to pick products and pay you the commission the very item you could just sell. 

24. Lead Generation for small business

  • Quick Summary: Help small businesses grow by generating leads.
  • Average Pay: $16 an hour
  • Pros: More the contracts, the more the contacts that one builds for further businesses.
  • Cons: Trusting small businesses can sometimes prove otherwise.

If you know how to sell, help to generate leads for start-ups and earn a percentage on every sale. The more you contact people, the more customers you make, and hence on every company lead generation, you will acquire leads for the next assignment. 

25. Set up a company for start-ups.

  • Quick Summary: Direct the correct path to set up a company to start-ups.
  • Average Pay: $18 an hour
  • Pros: Just one experience of setting a company helps to understand the complete method of setting up a business.
  • Cons: Pay from start-ups cannot always be credited on time.

Help newbies in the business industry to set up a company of their own by charging them a fixed rate. Take the assignment from starch and get every paperwork done which constitutes a company to be legally listed. 

26. Flip products from eBay to Amazon and vice versa

  • Quick Summary: Flip buy and sell from one website to another
  • Average Pay: $10,000 – $20,000 per month.
  • Pros: Huge availability of products.
  • Cons: Prices might not always fluctuate.

Buy from one e-commerce website and sell on others when you see a price difference. The difference in the price will become your profit. This way, you need to simply find out which product is in demand and how much is the price listed on different websites. The research work can be done at any time of the day and hence this job gives the best flexibility in work hours. 

27. Transcriber

  • Quick Summary: Convert audio into written text.
  • Average Pay: $17 an hour.
  • Pros: No experience is required.
  • Cons: Language can many a time be unclear.

Simply write what you hear and make more via the same on an hourly basis per audio clip. All you need is a computer and an audio device. You can also take up transcribing in your native language for which you can even charge extra. 

28. Online Mutual Fund Advisor

  • Quick Summary: Advice clients on which fund to invest out of available schemes by various companies.
  • Average Pay: $22,000 a month
  • Pros: Commission income grows as the market grows and hence there has always been an upside trend.
  • Cons: Bear markets can lead to higher redemptions leading to lessening of assets under management.

Advise clients as to which scheme of a company will help them earn higher interest and thereby earn commission out of their invested money. The commission is usually paid by fund houses and hence one can deliver advice to clients for free. This way attracting more clients becomes easy.

29. Online cooking classes

  • Quick Summary: Teach to deliver taste in food to people all over the world.
  • Average Pay: $10 per class per student
  • Pros: Every traditional item you know to cook will attract more clients
  • Cons: One cannot taste where the student lacked in delivering the taste.

If you have grown up watching your mother cook and have taken similar interests then teach all these traditional food recipes to views around the world. Moreover, if you have always been a homemaker, you can even start with no prior experience in teaching.

30. Technology Advisor

  • Quick Summary: Advise people as to which technology suits their business style.
  • Average Pay: $18 an hour
  • Pros: The demand is ever rising as the advancement in technology is rising.
  • Cons: Regular updating of new technology becomes a hassle homework that requires time.

Not everyone is tech-savvy but if you are and can advise clients as to which new technology can help to deliver faster results, why not charge them for your research. This way you can earn tremendous money by doing simple research on the field you already have an interest in.

31. Bookkeeper

  • Quick Summary: Maintain books for businesses.
  • Average Pay: $30,000 a month.
  • Pros: Pay increases on every single entry you pass more. Hence, if you have inculcated the speed, you will make more money.
  • Cons: The work is monotonous and hence inclines people to choose another career after a while.

If you know the simple rules of accounting and can pass journal entries for the company’s financial transactions, bookkeeping is the best profession for you. Once the speed and accuracy are increased, one can even mint more money than usual.

32. Researcher

  • Quick Summary: Research on topics and earn money on analysis.
  • Average Pay: $15 – $25 per hour.
  • Pros: Learning increases eventually as every topic is different.
  • Cons: Work is mostly based on hypothesis and hence sometimes results are disappointing.

If all your life you have been an avid reader, you can take up researching on topics, analyzing the same, and delivering reports as per clients’ needs. The best part about the job is you can even relax on the bed and keep reading on the topic. Hence this job cane even is taken by bed patients who are looking for work.

33. Video Editor

  • Quick Summary: Make money by editing videos
  • Average Pay: $15 – $18 an hour
  • Pros: If you are experienced, video editing is a quick job and hence you can take many assignments in a day.
  • Cons: Heavy one-time investment is required for the initial start.

In this world when everything has become virtual, video editors have been high in demand. If you have known to edit videos and it has always been your passion, start working on improving skills and take up assignments from clients. Every video edited pays a huge sum and hence making money out of it becomes easy. The more you edit videos, the more your monthly income rises.

34. Product Reviewer

  • Quick Summary: Review products and earn money
  • Average Pay: $15 per review
  • Pros: No degree or certification required
  • Cons: Having command over a language becomes important while writing a review.

People make a decent living by reviewing products and posting about them on the internet. Initially, one needs to buy the product themselves and review the same but gradually, as your post gets more likes, you may get free products from companies who ask you to review them. This cuts down on investment plus the product are yours for life.

35. Tax Preparer

  • Quick Summary: Prepare income tax returns for clients.
  • Average Pay: $30,000 – $40,000 per month
  • Pros: Tax preparers make a heavy sum as the demand has been rising due to the complexity in preparing returns.
  • Cons: One needs to be a chartered accountant to understand the proper way to file tax.

Everyone needs to pay taxes and hence this profession has always seen up-tend as to payment terms. If you are a chartered accountant, advertise your skill online and help people prepare their returns and filing the same on the Income Tax website. The best part about it is client retention as the very year the client will come back to file their returns.

Frequently asked questions

Where to find online jobs?

Choose your field and look for companies that are willing to outsource work. You can also contact recruiters via websites that have a list of jobs available with them. They might ask for a small commission but provide permanent jobs.

Does every online job require qualification?

No. Many jobs listed above can be taken up by college students and even mothers who are looking to work from home.

How much do online jobs pay?

Roughly, a starter can earn easily up to $50,000 – $70,000 a year if he works for 8 hours every day.

Can online jobs be trusted?

You can initially ask for daily payment as per the hours you have worked. Once you build trust, you can ask for weekly or monthly payments.


Be wherever you are but still get the job of your dreams online. Work during favorable hours and charge money on the skills you possess. Life has never been so easy to mint money!

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