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19 Recession Proof Jobs For Next 5 YEARS!

While considering a career, it is usually the case that applicants mainly weigh their options based on interest, expected pay, and the workload. However, in this era of a pandemic (as well as post-pandemic), stock markets have fallen globally, creating a recession in numerous countries which leads to a downturn where millions of employed individuals are laid off.

For example, in the United States, it could be seen that the jobless rate rose to 14.7% in April 2020, due to the lockdown measure that was carried out. As for the European Union, unemployment rose to 6.6% in April, an increase of 0.2% compared to the previous month’s numbers, while in the Eurozone, the jobless rate is higher, which is at 7.7%. The rise in the unemployment percentage in the European Union due to the pandemic ended the period of recovery of the Union, which starting in mid-2013. While lockdown measures have eased in many countries since then, it is still important to note that pandemics are not the only reason behind an economic decline. The Great Recession caused millions of individuals worldwide to lose their jobs. It took several years for some impacted countries to recover, only to be met with the downturn in oil prices, which once again caused a recession in several oil-producing countries.

Thus, it is crucial in these periods of uncertainty that the effects of a recession are taken into consideration while choosing for a job. This is to ensure that future employees are more financially stable and have a brighter future ahead of them so that they would not be burdened by student loan debt, housing debt, or any repayment of loans that they might have taken or will take in the future.

This article will provide readers with a comprehensive list of 19 recession-proof jobs, which means that these jobs are guaranteed to be more secured even in times of economic downturn.

1. Medical Careers

In this era of the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, medical careers such as doctors, medical assistants and nurses are becoming more and more critical. With some studies which said that the epidemic would last for another two years or so until a vaccine is found, these jobs could be classified under ‘essential services’. Since the start of this pandemic, demands have grown for medical professionals, as in some countries, hospitals are being overwhelmed by the increase in the number of active cases.  This does not only involve doctors and nurses, but it also includes receptionists, health facilities’ janitors, and health facilities office, workers.

These careers are not famous only during the pandemic; instead, it is prevalent even in time of peace. Individuals require doctoral care even when the economy is in a recession because there would always be other diseases, for instance, the common cold, which affects more people than the Covid-19 virus. They would still require operations for various reasons regardless of the condition of the world economy.

However, it is essential to note that there is one disadvantage of choosing this career path, which is plastic surgery could see a decline in demand. This is because elective surgery of this type depends on the financial status of the individual who wishes to follow through with their plans. Nevertheless, even in this situation, income in this area is still a guarantee because there would always be individuals who could afford it even in economic downturns.

2. Mental Health Professionals

It is a known fact that depression, especially among the youth is on the rise due to various reasons such as inability to find work, student loan and the amount of workload. Thus, there is always a need for a therapist or a psychiatrist to help them in their journey in solving their mental health problems. Mental health disabilities are not only prevalent among the youth; instead, it is a problem that affects children and the elderly as well. This means that society would always require support from professionals in this area, even during the time of recession.

The job scope in this area is not limited to psychiatrists and therapists; instead, there is a wide variety of mental health-related careers to choose from. For instance, you can be a school counselor, a family therapist or a marriage therapist. In this pandemic-ridden time, you can always choose to do your therapy sessions online via multiple platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. If meeting people face-to-face is not your niche, you can always opt to be a phone therapist or even an online chat therapist, both of which are increasing in popularity.

3. Social Workers

Like therapy and psychiatric help, social workers are also an essential service for those who are dealing with trauma. During a recession, parents or legal guardians would experience an increase in their stress levels which results in the rise in domestic violence and child abuse; therefore, the demand for this service would increase. It is a lesser-known fact, but, there is social worker service for adults as well, especially those who are trying to deal with trauma or those with a mental disability such as autism. This means that there should be plenty of openings for these kinds of jobs. This line of work is also generally in the public sector, which means that is is not profit-based; hence, the chance of being laid-off is low as it would always be funded.

4. Elderly Care Workers

Even during a recession, people will still get old, and they would need care and a safe place to stay where there is someone to look out for them. When the economy tanks, it is usually the case that people would need to work multiple jobs at a time and hence would not have the time to look after and care for their elderly; and thus, sending them to Elderly Care Homes is one of the options.

There are others who prefer to stay at assisted living facilities simply because it is more convenient for them. This job is not affected by the state of the economy because they are generally not run on a profit-based system, and in some countries, assisted living facilities receive funds from the government.

5. Hospice-Related Careers

Similarly to Elderly Care, hospices are still open and operational even during a recession as there would always be someone in need of extensive care. While it is a sad reality, you should never forget that children sending their parents to hospices are a safer option as they might need to work longer hours to earn more money. While taking care of elderly patients are indeed tiresome, you could always have the pleasure of knowing you gave your best to your patients and that you were there when they needed some encouragement and someone the most.

6. Jobs in the Education Sector

Education is an ongoing process, even during a recession because there would always be a child, an adolescent, a young adult, and an adult who wants to learn something new. Jobs in this area include being a School Teacher, being a lecturer, or even being a private tutor. Many students, especially those who are in colleges and universities, have a hard time following their studies and their lecturers are not always available for consultation. They also might not always get the help that they need from the Internet, and even if they manage to find help, they still need an educator who would guide them through the right path. Hence, being a private tutor for students could generate a lot of money for you, on top of having a flexible working hour.

Careers in this sector are also not limited to being an educator; you can also choose to be a Research Assistant, a Lab Assistant, a school or university clerk, and many more. On top of that, since the lockdown and restrictions that are in place in many countries due to the Corona Virus, e-learning has started to be more and more popular, where students would learn from their homes. If your country is still in lockdown, you would always be able to teach your students from home; hence, the chance of you being laid-off is low.

Moreover, with e-learning being more and more popular, one could also start an educational YouTube Channel. Through this way, you would be able to generate money through AD-Revenues and other sources of income. For instance, you could ask your followers to pay if they want additional content, or if they want personal one-on-one assistance.

7. Online Retailers

Perhaps one of the most critical and consequential elements of the 21st Century is the invention of the Internet. With the design of the Internet, many physical features have now moved to the ‘cloud’ where surfers from anywhere in the world would be able to access it. It also allowed for the invention of online stores and online shopping. Being an online retailer is also made easy with the invention of multiple Online Shopping Apps where you do not need to take on a loan to rent or buy a business place.

While it may seem risky to be an Online Retailer during a recession, it is essential to remember that people still need to buy their necessities, especially food, groceries and medications. Being a retailer in this area would always provide you with a stable stream of income, even during a recession. On the plus side, since the Corona Virus Pandemic, online shopping was given a breath of fresh air, where individuals now shop online to avoid public spaces. This could also be used to your advantage. With the right marketing tool, such as social media advertising, you could generate income.

8. E-Hailing Driver

People still need to travel during a recession. As many of them would not be able to afford a private vehicle, e-Hailing apps such as Uber will see a rise in the number of active users. Nowadays, during the pandemic, many are trying to avoid public transportation as they are afraid of catching the virus and are opting to use E-Hailing Services instead. One of the advantages of this line of work is that you would be able to have a flexible working hour and that you do not need an academic qualification to be a driver.

9. Food Delivery Driver

Similarly to traveling and buying groceries, people would still need to eat during a recession which means that there would always be a demand for food delivery. Besides, during this time of the pandemic, more and more restaurants are giving the customers the option of having food delivered straight to their homes. This means that food delivery companies such as Postmates would see an increase in the number of active users as well, especially now that we are in the midst of a pandemic.

While it is true that it is risky to be a food deliverer during a pandemic, precautionary steps could always be taken. For example, some restaurants accept cashless payments and contactless delivery, which means that you can leave the order at your customer’s doorstep so that they could pick it up themselves.

10. Insurance-oriented career

It is undoubtedly true that many individuals who lost their jobs would lose their health insurance as well. However, it is essential to note that there would always be someone financially stable enough to afford to continue paying for their and their family’s health insurance. Some of them who are not as severely affected by the recession as everyone else would also still be able to afford life insurance. Furthermore, those with businesses would also need to have some protection that would protect them from unwanted liability such as fires and robbery. Jobs that are related to this sector are mostly Insurance Agents and always remember that some Insurance Companies provide their agents with a hefty amount of commission. Appraisers is another career that is commonly related to Insurance, and even during a recession, accidents still happen; hence, you will always have work to do.

11. Firefighters

Speaking of accidents, fires, and other emergencies are not related to the economy. They will still happen regardless of the condition of the world economy, and hence, being firefighters protects you from your work contract to be terminated. Moreover, this is also usually a job in the public sector which means that the government will ensure your work is there to stay. In some countries, civil servants are still paid even during a recession as they are legally required to do so.

12. Law Enforcement

Unfortunately, during a recession, it could be expected that crime would increase as a result of people not being able to afford their necessities and domestic violence also increases in the period of recession. All this means the need for law enforcement would increase. Similar to firefighters, law enforcement is a part of the public sector, which means that they are immune from the recession. Careers in this sector include police officers, forensic experts, and detectives.

13. Private Investigators

Private Investigators are hired for multiple reasons, for example, for partners to see if their significant other is cheating or to carry out a specialized investigation. Albeit fewer people would indeed be able to afford Private Investigating fees during a recession; once again, it is essential to remember that there are always people who are wealthy and could afford to hire one. Furthermore, well-off corporations might hire a Private Detective for corporate espionage purposes, even though it is illegal in some countries.

14. IT Workers

Databases and Networks are still up and running even during a downturn, and users expect them to be still working perfectly. For this reason, data management and maintenance work still need to be done, which means that you would remain hired. Careers in this sector include analysts and database administrators. Furthermore, during a recession, as the unemployment rate rises, more people would spend time on their electronic devices, which means that they would want to see new apps being developed. They also expect that these apps would be free to download and that it does not matter to them if the app has in-app purchases. This opens up the possibility for you to be hired as a Programmer and as an App Developer.

15. Pharmacists

Akin to Medical Careers, Pharmacists are also immune to a recession, simply because people still need to buy their medicines. People with medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension still need to buy their pills and refill their prescriptions. Perhaps it is also entirely possible for you to provide services that involve the delivery of drugs from the drugstore to the customer’s house, which would be a great attraction tool.

16. Careers at a legal firm

Regrettably, some people would not be able to afford to pay their rent, loans or mortgage during a recession. Thus, some of them would have no choice but to file for bankruptcy, which causes a spike in demand for Bankruptcy Lawyers. Moreover, since recessions are a cause of marital disputes, it could be said that the need for Divorce Lawyers would also increase significantly. Other legal work demands such as Arbitration would also still be in order cause disputes will always happen and maybe even spike during a recession as people try to reduce their loss or increase their profit in wicked ways.

17. Librarians

Since it is hard to find jobs during a recession, most people would opt to continue with their studies either to do a Master’s program or to enrol in a program that would give them Professional Certificates at the end. This is so that they would have a better qualification that would allow them to apply for a job with a higher position and pay. This implies that they would be using the library for their studies, and hence, more librarians are needed.

It could also be said that librarians are immune from a recession because there will always be students who will use the library for research purposes. Retirees are also known to go to the library in the evening or early in the morning to read the newspaper just to read novels in a calm, peaceful environment.

18. Funeral Directors

Although this would sound morbid, it is a reality that people die even during recessions. Funeral Directors need to make sure that people can still plan a funeral for their loved ones at an affordable price, which also attracts more customers, especially when they are on a tight budget.

19. Debt Management Advisor

As a result of increased unemployment, more people would struggle to pay back their debt. Hence, they would consult Debt Advisors on how to manage their debts so that they would not have to file for bankruptcy. If lockdown measures are still in place in your country, you can always do an online consultation using various video conferencing platforms.


To summarise, many things continue even during a recession. Medical professions and Pharmaceutical jobs are recession-proof simply because people always get sick anytime anywhere. Other legal duties such as Divorce Lawyers are needed because of expected marital disputes, which is also tied to Law Enforcement career as marital disputes is a known contributing factor to domestic abuse and violence. Occupations that involve giving advice and consultations are also immune to the economic fall, and they may even be on the rise due to the recession. Furthermore, people need to buy their necessities which is why jobs such as food deliverers and drivers are always available to help them.


To conclude, there is always a silver lining for any situations, even during a recession. Individuals who need to find a job during this period needs to be more creative and innovative to earn more money. It is also essential to not panic and remain calm if you are finding a job during an economic downfall because there is always a job that is immune to the adverse effects of the situation.

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