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18 Free & Easy Passive Income Apps to Make Extra Cash in 2020

More money is never a bad thing. Even if you are trying to be modest, or maybe you simply don’t spend much, money is one of the few things which won’t hurt you to have in excess. And if you can gain some extra money while just being in the comfort of your couch at home, then why shouldn’t you?

To that end, here are 18 Free & Easy Passive Income Apps to Make Extra Cash in 2020 :

1. Google Opinion Rewards

The thing which makes Google Opinion Rewards such a sweet deal is that it requires practically no investment, neither in terms of time OR money. You can earn Play Store credits through this and use it on anything that’s on the Play Store, like buying books, premium versions of apps, etc. Given that it’s Google we are dealing with, you are sent surveys depending on the websites you visit, and you can share your opinions with Google in return for some sweet money. The amount earned ranges anywhere from 0.10$- 1$ per survey. Given that it practically takes only a few minutes and not much work to do, you can probably choose to do it a good number of times and earn money.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can offer your services to customers of the site who are looking for freelancers to hire. You can use it to offer your services at a certain price while hoping that the customers find your profile on the site and find you good enough to hire. The earning may seem a bit uncertain here but the truth is that you can even offer to do very nominal tasks which aren’t very hard to do or particularly skill-based, which makes the chances of you getting a job that much easier. The amount you can make ranges anywhere between 4$ to 1000’s of dollars depending on the services you offer and how many times you do get offers.

3. Instacart

Instacart is a grocery delivery and pickup service. Now pretty much everyone is familiar with having to go out and buy groceries for their families or maybe even for themselves. Back then it might’ve seemed like an arduous task, but it automatically becomes more tolerable if there’s money that you can get by doing it, right? Whenever a user orders groceries from any of the registered stores on the app, the app will notify you, which then you just have to deliver to the person who ordered it. The app then splits the earned amount between you and itself. The earnings range from 7-10$ per delivery if the customers aren’t generous enough to tip you off.

4. Honeygain

Honeygain is probably the easiest app to make money from, in this list. All you have to do is just install the app and surf the web. Yes, IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT. You earn 1 credit for every 10 MB spent on surfing the web, which comes down to about a few cents. If you are dedicated enough to keep it running 24/7, you might even earn as much as 50$ dollars a month. It might not be the most rewarding option, but as a form of passive income it’s the easiest and least distracting, and as we said before, more money is NEVER a bad thing.

5. DoorDash

DoorDash is a food delivery passive income app. After you sign up, whenever someone in your city orders food from a place registered with DoorDash, it notifies you, and all you have to do is take that food from the restaurant and deliver it to the supposed place. Might seem like a hassle but, to be honest, it’s a rather easy way of making money when you are out of your house on some errand or maybe just normally strolling by. Wouldn’t hurt to travel a few minutes more and get some money out of it now, would it? The earnings range anywhere from 10$ per hour to even more than 200 $ a week, though that depends on how much you deliver yourself.

6. Nielsen App

Nielsen App is very similar to Honeygame. After installing it, all you have to do is just browse the web as you do. In short, you don’t do jack. What’s more lucrative than doing nothing and staying the way you usually do and still get money out of it? Though the money you make through Nielsen is kinda on the lower side compared to Honeygame. You can make up-to 50$ a year, which might not seem much, but given that you aren’t practically putting any effort whatsoever, complaining is the last thing that you should do.

7. Neighbor

In a rather cool turn of events, you can now get money to store stuff in your home or in your basement, which is the kind of a thing homes and your basements usually are for, but you don’t get paid for it now do you? For example, if you have unused storage or maybe an extra room, you were privileged enough to have in your house but never actually used it. After signing up for Neighbor, people can pay you to store their items in those very rooms for varying periods, making it probably the first time that those rooms are useful. As far as earning goes, people have even reported having earned about 200$ from it in a month, just through storing multiple items from multiple customers on multiple occasions. No way has a good citizen charged that much from a single customer.

8. Fetch Rewards

Staying very true to its name, Fetch Rewards lets you fetch rewards for the products you buy at, say, a grocery store. All you have to do is after shopping, scan the receipt of the shopping you just did, and fetch rewards. For every dollar you spend, you earn 10 points. According to our sources, every 1000 points you spend equals about 1$ which you can get in terms of gift cards, for instance, Amazon gift cards and similar stuff.

9. Creative Market

Creative Market is for those people who are interested in making money with help of their art skills. Art skills can range anywhere from drawing illustrations digitally to something like a WordPress theme or design. You upload them to Creative Market and gain passive income in return for someone using your work. According to Wikipedia, Creative Market has over one million users and over 250,000 purchasable items, which means you have a decent chance of getting a few buyers for your work if it’s decent enough. How much you can make on the website purely depends on the type and quality of your work, but for information’s sake, there are even instances of creators making more than 1000 dollars, just saying. So what are you waiting for?

10. Decluttr

If you have got piles of old video games, VHS tapes, Blu-rays, consoles, etc. you can try to sell them off at Decluttr. Leaving sentimental attachments to the above-mentioned stuff aside, it’s a good way to get rid of old unneeded stuff and still get some value out of it. All you have to do is scan the items using Decluttr and you will get an instant offer for it. The amount you can make through Decluttr ranges between 50 cents to a few dollars per item, with the price being majorly dependent on the condition of the item. So if you have got loads of unusable aforementioned items and you want to get rid of those, this is a good way to do so.

11. Turo

Turo is a platform that you can use to rent out your car. In case you don’t use it too often, instead of letting it go stale in the garage, wouldn’t it be better to earn some money out of it? On top of that, Turo pays pretty well too, as according to their site a 2016 Toyota Camry in Seattle earns around 244$ a month. Though apparently, it’s not available in every city, it’s pretty commonly available in all major cities. So if you are there, it’s a pretty good opportunity to at least check it out.

12. StepBet

As the name suggests, StepBet is an app where you can earn money by walking a few steps. You have to hit a certain number of steps that are decided by the app, and then walk those steps to gain rewards. But if you fail to reach the goal, then you are no longer eligible for the main prize. Hence, you can bet that every step counts (maybe that’s how they came up with the name). It depends on the number of games you take part in, but on average a person who takes part in at least 3 games earns 15-30$ a month, after excluding the 15% cut taken by StepBet itself. Sounds like a rather good way to keep yourself in good shape, both physically and financially, however meager the amount be.

13. Slidejoy

You can use Slidejoy to earn money through the simple process of viewing advertisements. Slidejoy will let you choose a theme, and then whenever you are about to unlock your phone, you either have the option to swipe right to unlock your phone directly or swipe left and view some ads, or simply swipe up to view the news. You earn Carots for viewing ads, and 1000 Carots equal 1$. You can redeem the amount earned using Paypal every 15 days, or you can even exchange the Carots for gift cards.

14. MobileXpression 

The main objective of MobileXpression is to discover various patterns of online behavior through the users who have installed the app. All you have to do is download and install the app and then agree with the terms and conditions of it. After that, just use your device like you normally do and MobileXpression will do its job. You get rewarded with Amazon gift cards worth 5$ in just a week and you might even have a chance to win 10,000$ in the sweepstakes that are run by MobileXpression.

15. SavvyConnect

SavvyConnect is very similar to MobileXpression in the fact that all you have to do is just install it and surf the web like you usually do, and SavvyConnect collects data while you do so, to find the latest trends in online search, entertainment, etc. The earnings are usually like 5$ every month for every device you add. It might not be a serious source of money but one where you can make just a bit of money for fun while not really doing anything.

16. Sweatcoin

Now that we have made it this far into the list, it’s only liable that there will be some form of overlap in the functions of these apps. Sweatcoin is very similar to StepBet, in the fact that it pays you for walking. You get points to walk distances and you can redeem those points for various rewards, and just like StepBet, it’s totally free. How many Sweatcoins you can earn in a day depends on your level, but at the beginner level, you can earn up-to 5 sweatcoins in a day for walking 5000 steps. 20 sweatcoins equate to about 1 dollar. Doing the math and making it easy for y’all, it will be more rewarding as you level up, and it might not be serious money but some cool change to earn while trying to get in better shape all the more. Hence, 2 birds with a single stone.

17. Rakuten

Rakuten is probably one of the more popular apps among the ones mentioned in this list. With Rakuten, whenever you buy something online on your phone, you just have to click through Rakuten. Rakuten gets referral money from whatever retailers it’s users are buying stuff from, and then shares that retail money with you. Looking at it from another angle, it’s like a cashback offer which is always present. Depending on the website, the amount you get back is 3-10% of the price of the product. So it depends on however you spend and whatever you spend on, hence it’s only fair to think of it as an always-available cashback service.

18. Acorn

Acorn involves the user linking up their debit and credit cards to their Acorn accounts. Now, whenever you make a purchase, the amount deducted is always rounded up to the nearest dollar. What Acorn does is collect whatever the excess amount that is debited, no matter how little. Might not seem much but in a long enough span of time, all of those deducted cents pile up to a good enough amount. In that sense, it’s almost like collecting up Acorns pieces by pieces for future use, and our expert guessing probably comes to the conclusion that this was the motivation for their naming (please be right).


So, that was the list of 18 Free & Easy Income Apps to Make Extra Cash in 2020, and we hope it’s at least somewhat useful for our readers. Even though several apps and services mentioned here might not be a source of serious money, IT IS STILL MONEY, and if you are serious enough yourself, you may even do multiple of these together and yet gain some extra money. Because as we said, more money is NEVER a bad thing, and if you can make that money by not putting much of an effort, then why not do it?

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