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10 Side Hustles for Extroverts

Many a time we all are in the zone of doing something more than just our full-time job which would bring some innovation and change in our daily life along with keeping us busy coupled with gaining knowledge in a different filed. But what if you are an extrovert and would want to surround yourself with people to talk to and socialize? No worries! We have ideas which will give you goosebumps as to how much is there in the world to do rather than sitting ideal which involves people’s interaction along with making you rich!

Here are the top 10 side hustles if you are an extrovert:

1. YouTube personality

For an extrovert, more the people, always the better! For becoming a YouTube personality, one needs to be an extrovert who can openly speak out to the public and interact with people from all around the world.

Average pay: 25000$ a year.

Pros: One can make videos wherever and whenever and upload directly.

Cons: Abuse by haters can sometimes de-motive.

2. Dating Coach

If you are good at dating and have had an amazing talent to help your friends in their relationship problems, why not charge for your service? You just need to advertise yourself in the beginning and you would not believe how many of them need relationship advice. So many are confused as to what to do and genuinely need good advice. The plus point of taking this up is that you can plan your meeting any time of the day when you are free. Also, this job is best advertised by the word of mouth. If someone has really liked your service, they will go tell their friends, and this is how you will be able to build your network. It is as easy as it sounds.

Average pay: 20$- 35$ a session.

Pros: People can start from day one as one needs no investment to become a dating coach.

Cons: Sometimes genuine advice would not be followed by clients and they would feel you are wanting to break their relationship.

3. Part-time Brand ambassador

A brand ambassador needs to mainly work on weekends to interact with people who include prospective clients, media, competitors, and much more! Brand ambassadors often get opportunities to work for big events and are usually hired by a reputed company. This can be one big of a lucrative opportunity for those who can talk to anyone. As many of the events of endorsing a brand are often held during weekends when people are normally free, one as definitely signs up for the job and get working.

Average pay: 15$-25$ an hour which has the capacity to increase tremendously if one starts to grow. The job can even give up-to 35$-50$ and an hour if one is extremely good at it.

Pros: Brand ambassadors usually get to speak to well-known personalities and thus one can improve contacts.

Cons: Initially one would be required to even work for free and it takes time to get to a good stage in this field.

4. Podcaster

Take complete advantage of your personality by becoming a podcaster. As being an extrovert, one can speak on any and every topic with the same zeal and creativity. This, in turn, boosts self-confidence and gains love amongst the audience. Moreover, a podcaster always has an option to record audio at his convenient time and can choose when and where to market the audios. One important advance a podcaster always has is that he/she can record a topic in his native language too as many people are wanting to hear something in their own language.

Average pay: 50,000$ a year.

Pros: No previous experience is required.

Cons: If the proper marketing of the podcast is not done, the podcast would probably not reach the target audience.

5. Artist

Always had the best hand of painting? You can make a portrait? You would be shocked to know how many people are eagerly waiting for your talent to explode. If you have always been good during your school days, the start will be making portraits and painting canvas for your friends or family. If you are famous, you can slowly start charging for your art. Also, we all know art is therapy! In your free time, you would not only make money but also relieve stress by doing something you have always loved.

Average pay: 50$-75$ a painting

Pros: Zero degrees required.

Cons: You will first need to invest in good quality colors which sometimes could be expensive.

6. Share ride driver

If you have a vehicle and some free time after your office hours, why waste them sitting idle at home? Everyone loves driving especially extroverts so join a company and become a share ride driver! How good it would be when it will give you complete flexibility as you can get your vehicle out as and when you need and on top of it earn good extra money! Nowadays, joining Uber is just a cakewalk as they are terribly looking for drivers especially someone who can drive late at night. If you are the one who can do this, get straight to the Uber website and login to submit your resume right away.

Average pay: 20$-35$ an hour.

Pros: Flexibility of time and one only requires a driving license to start with.

Cons: Traffic on roads can sometimes be a pain.

7. Night-time Customer service

Customer service is one industry which is thriving hard today as everyone needs good service and if the service is not good, a customer probably would never return. Hence if you are good at relation handling due to your excellent extrovert personality, join a part-time customer service job to enhance your speaking skills. Having a good command over a specific language would be a must as this job requires some basics. If cannot be termed like other jobs which would give you the flexibility of work hours but it surely will groom you much better than anything else.

Average pay: 15$-25$ an hour.

Pros: No certification of degree required to start with.

Cons: Need fluency in language along with proper knowledge of basic grammar.

8. Part-time stylist

If you have a passion for fashion, becoming a stylist would cherish your future. Many a time, people do so well in the field that they become a full-time stylist. If your skills are liked by social media, a celebrity contacting you for their purpose is what can happen which indeed is always an excellent opportunity to grow. One just needs to have a good sense of how clothing needs to be carried and what accessories would accompany the same. Slowly one can even start appointing interns who would go around the market to find out what’s new!

Average pay: 20$-30$ an hour.

Pros: One can start fresh who has a good number of followers on social media.

Cons: Negative comments on style can put you off often. If you are confident with your style and know to handle comments then only choose this field.

9. Weekend Photographer

Today, everyone needs a photographer. Be it a pre-wedding photoshoot, baby shower, post-wedding photoshoot, events, and much more. If you are the one who owns a DSLR and knows some adorable editing skills which can make the picture look beautiful than ever, photography is your go-to option. You just need to know a few places in your locality that are stunning, make a note of them and as per the occasion, take your clients to those places and get the shoot done. Moreover, with good experience in the field, photographers can make thousands of dollars in the field and the plus point is that you get to travel at all amazing places at the client cost completely.

Average pay: 25$-50$ an hour.

Pros: Any person who has the fondness of clicking pictures can become a photographer.

Cons: If you don’t own a good camera, you probably would need to invest a good sum first and then become a photographer.

10. Social Media Influencer

These days applications like Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook, etc. have people from all around the world who come up to see content and new things going around the world. If you are an extrovert, you can always post short videos and stories which you think have the capacity to gain an audience in a good number. The best part about the job it that you can post something even when you are away on a vacation. You will simply need a smartphone and internet connectivity and a combination of your extrovert brains would kill the show on the internet!

Average pay: 100,000$ a year.

Pros: Any person who is an extrovert and has the fire in themselves to showcase their talent to the world.

Cons: Initial stages of gaining popularity would be difficult.

So! What are you waiting for? Choose one of the above which you believe you can do and be harmonious with it! We are sure you will have a good side income. Just remember, “Consistency is the key”! Give a few months to it and soon you will be the rich person in your group.


So! What are you waiting for?

As we have seen the day by day things are getting pretty expensive and to improve the standard of living, one needs some side income to make their pockets heavy. Even if the extra money is invested in stocks, the compounding will show its magic in a couple of years. You may even use the money to pay off your debts sooner to get the burden away.

Choose one of the above which you believe you can do and be harmonious with it! We are sure you will have a good side income. Just remember, Give a few months to it and remember “Consistency is the key”!

Let me know in the comments below what other trade I can include in my list. Best of Luck till then.

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